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Ive moved, again… I am on wordpress.org now, they allow more features than wordpress.com, like flickr widgets, my favorite!


Etsy Shop Update

I think it has been a year since I stocked my Etsy Shop 😦 I started selling my recycled wool goodies at my work (our local health food store) and at the local Waldorf school. I sod lots of woolies and that inspired me to restock my shop. Hooray for me!

Ack! WordPress doesn’t support my Etsy Shop Javascript linkie. Well, here is my shop and here is my “website“.

Sorry but I can’t blog without mentioning my recent obsession with fiber. I am the proud new owner of a Drum Carder. Drum carders allow you to “process” your own fiber. I love craigslist! Strauch 200 series at a smokin’ deal!
my new baby!

Wow, I just realized our 1 year House Anniversary is coming up. We have soooooo much more to do. For instance, we *still* haven’t painted our bathroom. However, I did start (but haven’t finished) our tile backsplash.

We really downsized this time around. It was a big decision but we’re happy we made it. I have always lived in (and loved) small spaces. Anyone who remembers my SF places knows that! Pre-kids, we lived in a variety of spaces. In the city we had a strange 1700 sf flat, in San Diego we had a teeny 300 sf cottage on the beach. We have had a few “standard” size places too, 3BR 2Bath, 1500SF, etc etc.

Our house is 1000 sf and that is being quite generous in my opinion. When we measured for flooring it was more like 650 sf of actual space, not including closets and the huge stairwell to the garage. It has 2 equally sized bedrooms and 1 small bath. Funny because when we moved in we thought it would feel too small and now it feels just right. Of course, entertaining can get tricky but as long as we have outdoor access it is just dandy. My favorite thing to “brag” about is that I can vacuum our entire house from one electrical outlet.

We have a 1 car garage that we don’t use. It’s weird that many houses up here, and north of us, don’t have a garage. Count us among the weirdos without a garage. We’re on a septic tank and next year we will get rid of our propane stove and put in a wood burning stove (like this Jotul, sounds like Yodel). Pretty soon we won’t have any utilities! 😉

I find it interesting that a lot of homes up here have acreage but small homes like ours. Our house isn’t that old but a lot of older homes we looked at were also small, had small bedrooms, 1 bath and 1 car garages. Things sure have changed.

I really love the creativity that is uhm, “forced” when living in a small space. It also forces constant decluttering – it really limits the amount of crap one can store. Stuff comes in…stuff goes out. Except for *my* stuff of course. I love sites like Apartment Therapy – especially the SF home tours. I am inspired by people like Sara who downsized from a standard-sized US home to 300-ish sf apartment to an RV…with her husband and young daughter.

Cheers! To our house, small spaces and well, to me…for blogging!


I never really understood what people meant when they said, “bittersweet”. Motherhood has definitely taught me the meaning.

Zoe lost her first tooth yesterday. I had no idea I would be so excited and emotional over it. She is so proud, as am I, but I can’t help feeling a little sad that my little one is growing up.

It was “slightly wobbly” for a few weeks, by slightly I mean hardly loose at all. Yesterday morning she woke up and it was suddenly very wobbly. She went to school and it fell out during snack time, oatmeal of all things – well, bread too. I was a little sad that it didn’t happen at home but after talking to her teacher, I realize it was perfect for Zoe. She had the support of her friends, they shared their stories and her teacher said it was a wonderful experience.

Handspun Mosaic

I am so excited to have my very first handspun FO (finished object) AND almost just as excited to have a flickr mosaic, although slightly out of order on the pix. Roving is from Etsy. It is a 2-ply thick n’ thin bulky. Trim is undyed BFL, singles, spun uber-thick-n-thin. I am quite pleased with my work. I wear it all the time.

My first handspun FO - hat for me

Here are some other spinning WIP.
Superwash Mill Ends, eay to spin thin.
superwash mill ends

See! Maybe my thinnest yet, will be plied.
merino superwash thin singles, ready to be plied

Mama & Maya
mama & maya


I have been buying fiber for a few years now. Dont ask me why, as I dont know how to spin. I tried needle felting and wet felting and they weren’t really my thing. I finally pulled out my drop spindle and gave it a shot. I was hooked! Dont get me wrong, the yarn was not pretty but it felt good – the same way that knitting feels good, and natural. Felting and crocheting did not feel the same way.

I have since bought a spinning wheel and of course, more fiber. Oh, I also bought 2 fleeces. I *really* like to make things from scratch. I saw a local ad for fleeces for $5. Now I know why, unskirted fleece is n.a.st.y. Take a look.

Actually it doesn’t look too bad here but wait, just wait.

columbian fleece, not skirted...at all

First wash
1st wash - yuck

Second wash, much better.
2nd wash - much better

Dry, not carded yet

Hand carded, fluffy fiber

I need to take a picture of the dry fluffiness. Actually, I tried hand carding and decided it was a bit too much work for me. I am glad I did it but if I decide to do fiber prep for all my spinning, I’d never have time to spin! I would want/need hand carders, or a drum carder, or combs. Plus, I love to dye and that would add way too many steps.

Here is a great article on scouring a fleece. I had no idea it was so so so very dirty. Dirt and poop mixed with lanolin is not good.

3 weeks…

3 weeks since my last post. i am not a quitter, i wont delete *another* blog.

i love to sew and knit (oh! and dye, and make paper, and wet felt and make jewelry…oh yeah needle felting is fun too). but mostly i love to sew and knit. i sew for a while and then i remember how much i love to knit. the act of knitting is so quiet and meditative, i miss it, so i start to knit again. then after knitting a lot, i realize how s.l.o.w. knitting is. i can cut and sew a hat in 15 minutes, a knit hat takes hours, at least. so i go back to sewing.  i dont know why i have to choose one over the other. weird really.

new knitted goodies.

seamless baby kimono. free pattern here
yarn is peace fleece (chickie masla) with natural merino trim
Baby Sweater

baby booties. pattern from natural baby knits book
yarn natural wool/angora * hand dyed merino

Baby Booties from Natural Baby Knits

norwegian baby hats. free pattern here
yarn: hand dyed wool (purple) & hand dyed tussah silk
check out the hats on flickr or on etsy
Baby Hat

Tussah Silk Newborn Hat

last but not least, mittens for me
handspun, plant dyed yarn (orange osage i think)
Mittens for Mama - handspun & plant-dyed

2 weeks

2 weeks since my last, err first, entry. See why blogging is so hard. Now I need to find something interesting to blog about….

Ahh, I know, house renovation pictures. I know I LOVE renos.

Earlier this year we bought a small house. It was pretty outdated and kinda boring so we made a few changes.

House, from driveway

Kitchen – before

Kitchen After

On to the bathroom.

After – well, still semi-complete. We STILL need to paint the walls.